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Saturday, August 25, 2012

G.E. OpenSpeed MRI Scan Machine 0.7 T

G.E. OpenSpeed MRI Scan Machine 0.7 T

The G.E Open mri scanner machine is suitable for patient who has claustrophobia, Open MRI scanners have been developed for people who are anxious or obese or for examination of small parts of the body, such as the extremities (knee, shoulder). In addition, some systems offer imaging in different positions and sequences of movements. The basic technology of an open MRI machine is similar to that of a traditional MRI device. The major difference for the patient is that instead of lying in a narrow tunnel, the imaging table has more space around the body so that the magnet does not completely surround the person being tested.
The advantage of  G.E Open Speed MRI Scan Machine
Eliminates the anxiety of a noisy, narrow, closed MRI scanner.
Ideal for all patients including claustrophobic, elderly and pediatric patients.
Allows hands on contact at all times.
Children and adults can hold their loved ones hands for comfort.

The G.E. OpenSpeed 0.7T High-Field Open MRI takes on the architecture of the traditional (both sides opened) Open MRI scanner. Most Open MRI scanners operate at a lower magnetic field strength and receive a lower signal from the body. High-field MRI scanners rely on the tubular or cylinder form construction to produce strong magnetic fields. By using superconducting technology, the magnetic field strength of the G.E. OpenSpeed High-Field Open MRI has been increased to 0.7 Tesla. This is two to three times stronger than the traditional open MRI systems operating today. With the combination of high-performance surface coils and powerful computer processing power, the performance of this scanner is equivalent to that of a 1.0T High-Field MRI system. As opposed to the traditional open MRI systems, the images on the G.E. OpenSpeed 0.7 High-Field MRI have a higher quality and are done in a shorter time (3 times faster than most other Open MRI systems).
G.E. OpenSpeed MRi Scanner Specifications:
  • Patient weight limit of 227 kg (500 lbs)
  • 0.7 Tesla magnet (length: 175 cm (5’9”))
  • Bore (tube) diameter 212 cm(W) x 250 cm(H)
  • Magnet weight incl. Helium only approx. (8,256 kg (18,200 lbs))


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